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Below is a list all of the best Tek, Only tried and tested products are recommended. If you like the look of any of these recommendations then click the link to buy.


iMac 21" 8gb 1tb Fusion

The iMac is the command centre of the entire operation. It has an elegant easy to use, yet powerful desktop environment. It is the best computer money can buy.

Panasonic Blu-Ray writer

This bd writer is superbly styled to the Mac. It is bus powered and completely plug and play requiring no drivers and no power lead. It works faultlessly and even comes with some blank Bluray discs.

HP Elitedesk 800 8gb 1tb

This is a headless PC, it maps to a virtual desktop on the Mac. It is physically tiny making it the perfect headless PC setup. It runs Windows 10 and many 64-bit virtual machines.

Verbatim USB3 external hard disks

These hard disks are extremely reliable, physically small, bus powered and inexpensive. If you need large reliable storage with no power cables, Verbatim drives are perfect.

Kingston Memory Sticks

I have always had a great experience with Kingston memory sticks. Fast and reliable.

Netgear NAS

Whilst Synology is quite rightly the market leader, I wanted to use a NAS that was far simpler. This NAS is perfect for the home and even small business. It has a great web management interface.

Apple TV

The Apple TV can be used for many purposes, not just a premium entertainment system. You can even use it as a second monitor output for your Mac to demonstrate software. 

Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Everything is effortless. It pairs to a Mac automagically, it has a great typing action. It only takes a few minutes to recharge, and it lasts for such a long time on a single charge that I can't quite remember the last time I charged it.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

It seamlessly pairs to a Mac being auto discovered, and is rechargeable like the keyboard above. Its killer features are the unparalleled inertial gesture controls working in conjunction with macOS.

iPhone 10

The iPhone 10 needs no introduction. The integration with the Mac, benefits of iOS, reliable and secure faceID detection for secure banking and password management makes the iPhone 10 essential.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones

These headphones are clear with clean non boomy base. Their key benefit is the best in the industry active noise cancellation and comfort. Worth every penny.

Acer Chromebook R11

If you need a very simple in-expensive laptop, then take a look at ChromeOS. Whilst you do have to do everything in a web browser, that covers a lot of what many will need. There is the possibility of running Android apps too. This particular model is one of the best, well built with a touch screen.

iPad Pro 12.9"

The iPad represents the future of what an 'everyday computer' has already become for many. The iPad has become the worlds favourite tablet for very good reason. The iPad is updated with free Operating System software every year making it feel like a new device. We can highly recommend the excellent 'Missing Manual' series of books by David Pogue which explains all of the new features.



The best software to keep your Mac clean, optimised, and running faster than ever is the fantastic CleanMyMacX. So good, I consider it an essential purchase.

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