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How did you find out about CleanMyMac?

I have been a huge fan of CleanMyMac since version 2, which I discovered through watching amazing ScreenCastsOnline video podcasts. Previously I did a deep cleaning dive twice a year manually. To do a good job safely took me hours of work in the terminal.

Don McAllister demonstrates CleanMyMac3 in his Getting Ready for Mojave preview video. I am usually wary of apps that claim to do this sort of task thinking that they are unlikely to to do as good a job as a manual clean, and they might not do it safely.

Is CleanMyMac safe to use?

I did a LOT of research. I tested each element of CleanMyMac to see what it was proposing to clean and precisely what files and folders would be affected. I came away seriously impressed. Not only did it do a great job of cleaning the correct files, but it did so safely which was of upmost importance. There is no chance that you will want to risk your computer not working properly after running a deep cleaning app, that's why you have to be very careful choosing the best Mac cleaning app and CleanMyMac is absolutely fantastic.

CleanMyMac goes much further than I am able to do manually, which gives a much better performance boost and a cleaner clean. It really does work.

How can just simply deleting a few files make my computer run faster and smoother?

CleanMyMac uses a large number of little tweaks here and there which on the surface might not appear like much, but adding all the optimisations together really does make quite a dramatic difference. It can even fix problems! I had a boot issue on a MacBook Pro laptop for over a year, no matter what I tried I couldn't fix it. The first time I ran CleanMyMac on it, an error with an old webcam driver was found. CleanMyMac properly removed the old driver and its hidden associated files and fixed the problem. I was incredibly impressed and became a fan. I now consider CleanMyMac to be an essential purchase.

Its menu app item helped me with a very memory hungry webpage just the other day. My computer has 8gb ram. The photography website I was on made my Mac unresponsive, I clicked the 'free up' memory button to cleanup cached memory meaning I didn't have to restart. Handy little feature, beautifully presented together with other useful info.

Click the arrows on the screenshots below to see a cleaning process in action. I mention some of the steps it is doing to improve performance. I actually run CleanMyMac a few times a year now since it has made the process so easy, and I trust it to do a great job. Its a great idea to run CleanMyMac before doing a major update to macOS, and I also run it after everything has been updated. It is however highly advised to have a backup in place when working with deep cleaning apps, CleanMyMac has never failed to do a perfect clean but it is possible to delete an old file you didn't mean to.


How can I buy it?

A new version of macOS will be available to install very soon, so this is the perfect time to buy a copy of CleanMyMac. If you think that CleanMyMac will be as useful to you as it has been for me, please click the 'Try it free' button' to buy. By clicking on the affiliate links on this page you will be helping to support this website so that I can write more awesome reviews.