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SITE VISIT - £80 - Book Now

We would be delighted to visit your business to discover your unique IT needs. This includes a free detailed IT assessment report, together with a list of recommendations in order to improve the effectiveness of IT usage in your business. 


Our recommendations will help you to simplify IT, optimise IT spending, & get the most out of your existing or new systems, software & services.

IT ASSESSMENT - Free as part of site visit

You will receive an in-depth IT assessment providing a business IT overview. The report will identify any current IT issues and also provide you with a list of recommendations. These recommendations will help to solve and improve any IT related problems your business may be currently experiencing.

We will be able to guide you through an extensive set of options to help improve the IT in your business. Completely tailored to your business needs.


We can help with all of your mobile device needs.


You might want to equip your sales team with iPads and have them managed by us. We are Apple hardware and services experts, ready to help. 


Our advice is particularly useful regarding mobile software workflows, describing in-depth how to achieve efficient use of mobile technologies. All advice is of course tailored to your business.


We will plan and produce a professional bespoke screencast for you. It will be compressed optimally and can be used to promote an app you are developing or to train your staff to use particular software.


Because of our unique development environment we can offer this service for any platform. Order just one video or a complete series of videos in a bespoke designed course, contact us for more details.


With this detailed IT planning service, we can help with many types of IT planning including:- Technology Transitioning, Cloud Solutions, IT Strategy, Disaster Recovery, & Technical Projects.


Our business automation service will help you to automate as many of your current manual functions as possible, providing such benefits as error reduction, higher throughput, optimisation, removal of redundant tasks, TCO analysis, & IT ROI analysis.


If your business relies upon a legacy system running on out of date hardware or unsupported operating system, then we can help you transition to a modern alternative.


We can find new applications to replace legacy software, and port data into the new system. As well as offering data storage re-design, migration to web platforms, support systems life expectancy, & risk identification. 


We have extensive experience with IT security across all of the major desktop and mobile operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, & Android. 


All aspects of IT security are considered including email services, phishing attempts, data access permissions, intranet access, intrusion prevention, & password management.

£450 + ongoing

End to end project management of any combination of our services to achieve your business objectives. 

This includes planning the approach, scheduling, managing scope, estimating, keeping projects on track, and evaluation.

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